This is yet another personal website, a small aggregator of my presence on the (Inter)Net. I am not very socially active in the digital world, but you can find out a little about me on my Google profile page and a bit more on LinkedIn or on my resume page. I also try to tweet a bit, but I end up just stalking mostly.

I am currently helping a small start-up called creative.ai design their infrastructure after a period of freelancing under the Hostatic moniker. This comes after seven great years spent working at booking.com, doing infrastructure-y things and a few months of sabbatical to unwind and travel. Before that I used to do the same thing at Gameloft and tried my luck in various other startups, some of my own.

I love what I do, I strongly believe in automation and infrastructure as code and operate somewhere at the intersection of ops and dev, with a focus on ops. Another thing I enjoy is helping small to medium size companies scale and automate their infrastructure as they grow their business. If you think my skills would be useful to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At work and in my spare time I hack around various system tools, try out new technologies and work on various projects that I started alongside good friends. Some of these end up on my Github account. I really like the interesection of technology and other fields (eg. urbanism). That’s why I try to get out of my tech bubble and mix things up. You can check out some of my projects here.

Over the last few years I have gotten myself involved in projects outside my usual scope: volunteering my skills to a NGO that operates in the realm of good governance and civic education, as I believe this is one way I can contribute back to society and make a positive change.

Currently I live in Bucharest, Romania, my home base - and still favourite place to explore - for most of my life minus 3 years lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I used both cities as a jump pad for various adventures throughout the world, as traveling is something that I can not do without.

If you want to get in touch with me, be it to say ‘hi’ or hire me, you can do it via any of the links below or through my favourite communication medium, to which I will remain forever loyal no matter how many social media networks pop-up, the e-mail.

I used to blog a bit about things and problems I found interesting. You can find an archive of my posts here.

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