June 25, 2009

Linux introduction books

Still trying to find time and ideas to post more on this blog, I thought to share some books about Linux and Open Source or related to this subject that I have read and found very usefull. These books are all at an entry level so if you are just beginning to learn about Linux or just trying to get back to using it after a long time, they are all very good books.

This is not a review, I will just post here rapidshare links to all these books, I think that this would be much more helpful then just writing my opinion about them.

  • Linux Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition - considered one of the best books to start learning about Linux. It is long but covers just about every aspect of the operating system. In my opinion the best choice to start with.  Download!
  • Linux Introduction - if you are not in the mood or do not have the time to read the book above but looking for a quick introduction to Linux or brush up on your knowledge you can try this one. A good, very summarised book. Doesn’t go into advanced details but it is a good starting point. Download!
  • O’Reilly’s Learning the Bash Shell - You can not truly use Linux at its full power without knowing its shell of choice: bash. It is the standard shell that ships without most of the distributions today and a very powerfull tool. This book gives you a very good introduction to it. Download!
  • O’Reilly’s Learning Perl 5th Edition - Considered the very best when it comes to starting to learn Perl. Very well written with great exercises! Perl is not a requirement for Linux but together with Bash it is one of the most powerfull tools at your disposal. Consider this a bonus! Download!

The next 2 books are not technical books. They are philosophical / ethical books about Linux, Open Source and System Administration. You do not need to read them to learn Linux, they just make a good read.

  • Linux and the Unix Philosophy - A book about the ideas behind Linux and Open Source. Short and interesting. Download!
  • The Practice of System and Network Administration - If you are working in the field of System or Network administration this is a very usefull book. It will change your whole perspective about the practice of system administration: from best practices to ethical and professional behaviour to just plain old advice from very experienced authors. Download!