Apr 17, 2011

Conditional logging in Apache 2

Sometimes Apache 2’s logs can get really polluted by entries which you don’t care about and might skew your statistics. For example you wouldn’t want your own IP address in

Feb 15, 2010

LVM, inherit and contiguous policies

Recently I was trying to do a regular and simple task for a maintenance: extending a LVM partition. But when using the lvextend on that certain logical volume I was greeted with an

Nov 25, 2009

Apt Pinning in Debian

Ever wanted to run certain packages from one version of the operating system ( in this case Debian ) without having to upgrade (or downgrade) the entire system? Well, the “Pin” option in the Apt

Nov 11, 2009

Dovecot 1.2 with quotas and quota warnings

We have recently upgraded our mail servers running Debian Etch to Lenny and noticing that Dovecot 1.2 has been backported to Lenny backports, we decided to upgrade to Dovecot to take advantage

Nov 2, 2009

More Vim tips

I will continue my previous post with another few Vim tips I recently found in my quest to improve my Vim experience! 1) For those of you annoyed by the auto-comment feature of

Oct 28, 2009

Vim tips for the Windows user

If you are like me and want or are forced to use Windows on your desktop or laptop you most probably use putty to ssh into your servers. And also do a lot

Jun 25, 2009

Linux introduction books

Still trying to find time and ideas to post more on this blog, I thought to share some books about Linux and Open Source or related to this subject that I have read

May 23, 2009

First Post!

Hello all! Just a post to test things out and maybe motivate myself to write something in this blog :)